English Tea Shop Advent Calender with Organic Tea

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English Tea Shop Advent Calender with Organic Tea
English Tea Shop Advent Calender with Organic Tea

English Tea Shop Advent Calender with Organic Tea

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Celebrate the holidays and enjoy the delicious flavours of the festive season with this selection of beautifully blended, premium organic teas.

Warm your hands and your heart every day, as you open the doors on this stunning advent calendar and reveal a beautiful pyramid tea bag, filled with one of 13 different holiday tea flavours that are sure to bring out your Christmas cheer.

This packaging is free from multi level and over wrapping. Pyramid tea bags are recyclable. All other packaging is also compostable. The Pyramid tea bags are now directly inserted in the gift box, without the use of individual cube boxes and poly wrapping.

Calendar contains 13 Flavours:

Tropical Lemongrass; Happy Holiday; Postparty Refresh; Chai Charge; Peachy Keen; Holiday Boost; Winter Balance; Gingerbread Treat; Ghostly Green; White Wonderland; Festive Spice; Winter Warmer; Super Star Anise.


Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Yeast Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free
Tree Nut Free
Yeast Free
GMO Free
No added preservatives

Gingerbread Treat

Organic black tea*(53%), organic cinnamon pieces*(16%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic apple pieces*(6%), organic cardamom pieces*(5%), natural flavour (5%)

Ghostly Green

Organic green tea (73%), organic cinnamon pieces (12%), organic ginger pieces (5%), natural flavouring (5%), organic peppermint leaves (4%), organic rose petals (1%)

White Wonderland

Organic white tea*(75%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4%), organic cocoa*(4%), organic peppermint leaves*(4%), organic licorice*(4%), organic chamomile*(4%), natural flavour (5%)

Festive Spice

Organic black tea*(74%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4.5%), organic ginger pieces*(2.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(2.5%), organic cloves*(2.5%), organic nutmeg*(2.5%), organic pepper*(2.5%), organic orange peel* (4%), natural flavour (5%)

Winter Warmer

Organic rooibos*(60.5%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic cocoa*(10.5%) , organic star anise*(5%), organic mace*(4%), natural flavour (5%)

Super Star Anise

Organic black tea*(83%), organic ginger pieces*(6%), organic cloves*(4%), organic star anise* (2%), natural flavour (5%)

Tropical Lemongrass

Organic lemongrass *(24%), organic pepper-mint leaves*(20%), organic hibiscus*(20%), organic rosehips*(11%), organic chamomile *(10%), organic apple *(10%), natural flavour (5%)

Happy Holiday

Organic green tea*(83%), organic cinnamon pieces*(2.5%), organic pomegranate pieces*(2%), organic ginger pieces*(1.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(1.5%), organic

cloves*(1.5%), organic nutmeg*(1.5%), organic pepper*(1.5%), natural flavour (5%)

Post-Party Refresh

Organic green tea*(64%), organic garcinia leaves*(12%), organic cinnamon pieces*(8%), organic garcinia fruit*(5%), organic ginseng*(5%), organic acai berry*(1%), natural flavour (5%)

Chai Charge

Organic rooibos (56%), organic cinnamon (15%), organic cloves (12%), organic turmeric (6%), organic cardamom (4%), natural flavourings (5%), organic garlic (1%), organic blue corn flowers (1%)

Peachy Keen

Organic hibiscus (55%), organic roseship (20%), organic lemon peels (5%), organic lemongrass (5%), organic cinnamon (5%), organic apple (5%), natural flavourings (5%)

Holiday Boost

Organic rosheship (38%), organic hibiscus (18%), organic peppermint leaves (12%), organic apple (12%), organic licorice* (8%), organic cinnamon (7%), natural flavourings (4%), organic rose petals(1%)

Winter Balance

Organic peppermint leaves (30.5%), organic spearmint (18%), organic fenugreek (12%), organic elderflowers (9%), organic turmeric (9%), organic lemon peels (7%), organic fennel (7%), natural flavourings (4.5%), organic rosemary (3%).