About Us

GF Pantry was founded by Andy and Tina, parents to two wonderful children named Hannah and Jonah. In early childhood, both children were constantly suffering from headaches, rashes, stomachaches, leg cramps and fatigue. They tried to address each ailment individually and it wasn't until speaking to other parents of Coeliac kids that they realised all of these conditions may in fact be linked. In spite of the overwhelming grouping of symptoms and further investigation into coeliac disease, it still took many visits to several different general practitioners to have their children both tested. In June 2016, both Hannah and Jonah were diagnosed as coeliac via a small bowel biopsy; they finally had an answer and a way to move forward...

But, as is the case for many who adopt a strict gluten free diet, this change required a complete overhaul of how they would eat, cook and even live. The learning curve was steep, but with time and with the help of gluten-free friends, they learned what ingredients to look for, where to shop and even where they could eat out - this was something they never thought they would be able to safely do again!

As the dust settled and everyone got into the groove of living a gluten free lifestyle, Tina and Andy had more space to reflect on exactly what it meant to be a gluten-free family. They dreaded the amount of time and effort it took to complete a weekly shop for general groceries; it was no longer a matter of heading to one local grocery retailer for an hour, it was two, three or more stores all over Sydney for literally hours! And it wasn’t just going to different stores but also the constant checking of ingredients to ensure products hadn't changed manufacturers or ingredients causing it to either be contaminated with gluten, or not even gluten free anymore.

Tina and Andy knew they couldn't be alone in this struggle, and they began to think about what would make it easier for themselves and other gluten-free families. After much discussion they decided the answer was a shop where all stocked items are gluten free. The GF Pantry was inspired by that conversation, and it is GF Pantry's mission to make your life just that little bit easier!