Ways to save time in the kitchen

Saving time in the kitchen is essential for any parent – so as your online gluten free store in Australia, we want to make sure that you are being smart when it comes to prep time!

Implementing a gluten free diet kitchen routine is like any other kitchen routine! Here is how we save time in the kitchen:

  • Make sure you plan all of your meals
  • Cook in large portions! This way you can use the food for your meal prepping throughout the week
  • Make your own staples – such as stock and broth then freeze them for the future
  • Make sure you buy your gluten free products in bulk at our online store here
  • Ditch microwavable foods – they are time consuming, only single serve and don’t taste as good
  • Keep your food simple yet tasty with a lot of seasoning
  • Enlist a sous chef – i.e. your little ones!

As you can see, there is no real difference as to the kind of time saving kitchen tips when you go gluten free! This means your life at home doesn’t really need to change especially when you’re on a gluten free diet in Australia.

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