Delishios Celebration Time

To celebrate the launch of Schar’s amazing gluten free alternative to Maltesers, here’s GF Pantry’s list of the 10 best things to do with the new Delishios.

  1. Gobble them up! Eat them quickly straight from the pack when they arrive in your GF Pantry order, and then sit with a most satisfied smile on your face. This may be what happens with your first delicious pack.
  2. Savour them! The second time you buy, you might like to pop them in your mouth one at a time. Slowly suck off the thick milk chocolate coating, and then let the crunchy middle biscuit gently dissolve as you think luscious thoughts.
  3. Pop them in your desk drawer. At 3pm when you need a little pick up and everyone else is raiding the not so gluten free vending machine or fundraising box, you can whip out your own very enviable treat.
  4. Pop them in junior’s special birthday party box when he’s off to the play centre and all his friends are eating treats galore. Delishios are an ideal way to make your child feel special too.
  5. Grab a rolling pin and crush a few whilst they’re still in the pack; then simply stir through or pour on top of, your favourite gluten free vanilla icecream. Mmmm, such an amazing way to transform plain vanilla icecream!
  6. Bake them into homemade banana bread. Baked banana goods and these chocolate balls are absolutely perfection together.  We call it a chunky monkey cake, and eat it hot, straight from the oven where possible.
  7. Decorate the most remarkable celebration cake ever…..try a gluten free version of a Malteser cake. Google it! There are so many stunning Malteser cake recipes out there.  Just substitute our gluten free alternatives where required.   Not only do the good people at Schar supply us with Delishios but also Schar Twin Bars (an alternative to Kit Kats) and Schar Ciocko biscuits (for chocolate fingers) Together these will be spot on for so many of the amazing Malteser cake recipes out there. 
  8. Include Delishios in your favourite rocky road recipe. Think big chunks of chocolate with crunchy Delishios, soft marshmallow pillows and chewy red raspberry lollies! Just combine the chocolates and lollies in a tray, cover with melted chocolate and set in the refrigerator.  Perfect with a cup of tea and a friend!
  9. Pop Delishios on top of your favourite cupcakes. Try simple vanilla cakes, with pretty pastel coloured buttercreams and perfectly perched little chocolate balls on top. Very impressive, and probably something that would look fabulous at Easter time too.
  10. Go Italian and spread a pack or two across a traditional Tiramisu; made of course with Schar’s Savoiardi Sponge Finger Biscuits. The flavours blend perfectly and the decoration will give your tiramisu a little crunchy twist.


So have we inspired you to try Delishios in a few different ways? Or will you be happy to simply savour all that gluten free deliciousness direct from the bag?