We Take Care to Pack and Ship Your Order

When you're ordering online there is always a pause to consider how your purchases will get to you. The disappointment of having a parcel turn up only to discover that items are broken is gutting. We want you to know that we get it and that's why we try darn hard to package your items well.

Andrew Seville (Facebook) - Awesome shop, been shopping online here for a few months now, will def always get stuff from here. Packed so neatly it doesn’t even affect my ocd.

So how will we pack your order? Well, we start with a sturdy corrugated cardboard shipping box, line it with tissue paper because it makes it more special! Products are carefully arranged inside giving consideration to how the box may be handled during transit to prevent heavy items from crushing lighter ones (if the box is placed on its side for instance). Really delicate products may be boxed twice, meaning that they will be packaged in a smaller internal box that will fit inside the outer shipping carton. If you've ordered products in glass bottles or jars, we wrap these in bubble wrap. Finally, any gaps are snugly filled with air pillows to prevent items from moving around.

We chose air pillows because they can be easily pushed into gaps and provide excellent cushioning, but also because they can be quickly and easily deflated by you for disposal. Another cool thing about the air pillows is that the plastic film is recyclable, so it's a wonderful, environmentally friendly and zero-waste solution to the tonnes of shredded paper and packaging peanuts going into landfill each year.

All said, sometimes something goes wrong; a bumpy road; a misstep, and your order arrives in less than perfect condition. Well, if this is the case, we definitely want to know! All you have to do is get in contact with us and we'll do what we can to cheer you up and make it right.