Tips for throwing a gluten free kids party

Every year you will be tasked with throwing a big bash for your kids, so knowing how to throw one in fashion while ensuring it is gluten free is extremely important! After a few goes at it you start to become experts of the trade, so as your online gluten free shop in Australia we have quite a few tips to share with you.

When it comes to kid’s gluten free snacks online in Australia, you need to make sure you get it right for the sake of their health! So here are some tips on how to throw a gluten free birthday bash:

  • Get familiar with gluten and the healthy standards of gluten in Australia – feel free to learn all about it here!
  • Always look for gluten free options if you are going for the party pie vibe
  • Make sure you don’t cross contaminate gluten in your kitchen – make the gluten free dishes first and then make any regular meals after
  • One smart trick we picked up was using coloured plates to distinguish the different types of foods! All gluten free dishes are on the blue plates
  • Avoid using spreads – make sure you set them to the side and let kids use them as they see fit
  • Stick to a large range of fruits and veggies!
  • Gluten free desserts are essential for any type of birthday, almost any bakery will offer gluten free cake options for you to pick from

They are some of the key tips you need to know about when throwing a gluten free kids birthday party! This way no one gets to miss out on all the fun and yummy foods – remember that you can get everything you need for gluten free diets in Australia right here and they get delivered to your door.

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