How to manage a gluten free New Year

At our online gluten free shop in Australia, we’d rather you wake up in 2019 fresh and ready to take on a new year rather than lying in bed with a bellyache and a swollen stomach. That is why we recommend you continue your gluten-free diet at your New Year’s Eve festivities. Just some small changes to your regular New Year’s plans will make you feel a lot happier and healthier coming into the new year.

You may think it is hard to enjoy yourself at a New Year’s Eve party without indulging in sweet and savoury foods, however, the providers of the best gluten free foods in Australia have some tips to help you turn those thoughts around. Firstly, offer to contribute an appetizer or main dish that meets your gluten free needs. Make sure you bring enough of this dish for all the guests to try, even the non-gluten free eaters.

Another great idea is to prepare yourself before you head to the party. This means eating some of the best gluten free products in Australia before you go. Try snacking on some nuts or cook some veggies with chicken if you have enough time! Our professionals in gluten free diet foods in Australia recommend you also pack an emergency kit, such as some gluten free crackers, in case you get really hungry at the party.

Make sure you check out our online gluten free shop in Australia for all the gluten free products you need at a New Year’s Eve party.