GF Pantry Supports the Australian Coeliac Community

GF Pantry is a business run by people with a significant vested interest in the furtherance of support for the coeliac community. All of those who work within the company have been impacted by coeliac disease and/or other food allergies and work to raise awareness of food related issues in the community.

How are we supporting the gluten free community?

- We’re bringing choice back!

We’re committed to making things better for those with coeliac disease by continuously searching for new gluten free products so that the gluten free community can have more selection. There are already so many restrictions on what you can and can’t eat on a gluten free diet and we don’t want to saddle you with more! We want to give you back your choice when it comes to shopping for food, so you will find more than just one option; just one brand, in many of our product categories.

- We support our brands.

We work very hard to support the manufacturers of gluten free products because we understand that in order to have more choice, we need to support those working to provide us with options. We offer smaller Australian manufacturers a platform to market their products and we also contribute significant resources to advertising the brands we sell. We believe in the products we sell and we want you too, to know how great they are.

- We’re working with other service providers.

We have worked in collaboration with other service providers that run programs targeting people with gluten intolerances. In the past, we have donated product to Café Free for their Father’s Day Dinners, as well as Gluten Free Joy for her Kid’s GF Eat Street parties.

We’re always looking for ways to join in and help if we can, so if you have a community initiative that you need support for, please use the contact us form to get in touch.

- We're raising awareness.

We feel that one of the keys to making life easier for people with gluten intolerance, is generating awareness. We use our social media channels to educate the general public about coeliac disease and gluten free food and eating.