What eating gluten free during the day should look like

People diagnosed with coeliac disease must follow a gluten free diet in order to reduce irritated bodily symptoms such as bloating, foggy head and stomach cramps. Our online gluten free store in Australia know that a lot of thought has to be put in when eating on a gluten free diet as you can’t just simply grab a sandwich on the run. Therefore, our online gluten free shop in Australia recommend all gluten free eaters make a meal plan of what they are eating for the day or week. Here are a few examples of what can be included in that meal plan:


For breakfast, switching from certain breads or cereals to a gluten free variety can compromise the amount of fibre your body takes in. it is important to make sure you take in enough fibre which can also be found in brown rice, vegetables and fruits. That is why we recommend with each breakfast meal you add either roasted sweet potato, vegetable scrambled eggs, fruits such as berries with your yoghurt and brown rice in your porridge


For lunch, the same principle applies as it did for breakfast. Try maintaining your fibre source, however, also try to increase your iron source. We suggest you try Chang’s Wok Ready Noodles with chicken and vegetables or The Gluten Free Food Co Vegan Mac N Cheez with a vegetable salad on the side.

Make sure you head to our online gluten free store in Australia to find a range of products you can eat for breakfast and lunch.