Tips for making better gluten free bread

Going gluten free means that you will want to make a lot of your foods on your own from scratch (or have a little bit of help from pre-made mixes but we won’t tell anyone!) to ensure that it is entirely gluten free. As your online gluten free store in Australia, we have a few tips on how to make better gluten free bread.

Here are our tips for making bread (you can buy gluten free bread online from our store too if time gets the better of you!):

  • When making gluten free bread, you need to be precise with your ingredients and measurements
  • Don’t scoop the flour out of the bag as flour can compress by 25% and ruin your measurements! Use a spoon to scoop out the flour and then level with a knife
  • Always make sure you weigh your ingredients – one cup of flour should be 135 grams
  • Everything should be at room temperature
  • Gluten free bread will only rise once and it is crucial for you to shape your bread before it rises
  • Make sure you leave your bread to rise in a nice warm spot
  • Cool your gluten free bread slowly once it has been cooked
  • Make sure your bread is placed in the middle of the oven to get an even amount of temperature
  • Did you know that you don’t need a bread pan for gluten free bread? It will taste yummy no matter what shape or form it takes

If this is the first time you will be making gluten free bread, then be sure to buy all of your ingredients from our online gluten free shop in Australia to take the hassle out of shopping!

Let us make your life easy by simplifying your shopping with our online gluten free store in Australia! If you are looking for a specific product, feel free to send us an enquiry and we will see what we can do.