Steps to make your kitchen gluten free

When diagnosed with the Coeliac Disease, it is crucial for you and your family to undertake the proper amendments to the family kitchen in order to avoid any type of cross-contamination as it can affect that person’s health. As your online gluten free store in Australia, making your home a safe environment is essential for any gluten free household.

Your gluten free online food grocer has come up with a few steps on how you should be making a gluten free environment for your family:

  • Make sure you give away or throw away any of your baking supplies – make sure you also throw any open containers or wooden spoons that were in contact with gluten for extended periods of time.
  • Segregate any gluten products in your home – potentially dedicate one shelf or side of the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination
  • Make sure you buy a new toaster for your gluten free bread
  • Be sure to replace your condiments (sauces, butters, jams etc.) as they are likely to contain some form of gluten contamination
  • Be sure to clean your oven properly in order to remove any form of gluten residue from previous baking

They are some of the essential steps you need to follow in order to have a safe home environment where gluten intolerant people can eat! Once the appropriate segregation and cleaning has been done, you can purchase a wide range of gluten free diet foods in Australia at our online store!

Feel free to get in contact with your online gluten free store in Australia if you have any questions regarding our products or gluten.