Rules for dining out when you are gluten free

Gluten free awareness is still rising across the country, and it is important to understand that you need to set some ground rules before you can start eating out again. Your online gluten free shop Australia has experience just this when wanting to go to restaurants, which is why needed to make sure that you are ready too!

Be sure to follow these simple rules and you can still enjoy the best gluten free foods in Australia:

  • First you’re going to want to find restaurants who offer a gluten free menu or options on their menu
  • Don’t be afraid to talk directly to the manager or chef, they are normally the most knowledgeable about this and will offer you the best advice for their menu
  • Question the restaurant at any chance that you see possible to prevent yourself from consuming gluten. Say one waiter took your order and another brought the order to you, make sure to ask them which one is definitely gluten free
  • Finally this is the most simple yet effective rule that we have for you, which is ‘If you doubt it, don’t eat it’

While eating out may be a little bit of task, you don’t need to compromise on enjoying your life because of your diet. Don’t forget that you can find everything you need at our gluten free online food grocer in Australia. Be sure to check out our full range here