Make the perfect gluten free pie crust

With the holiday season coming up soon, it is important for you to start testing out a range of recipes and ingredients for you to serve when you start gluten free baking. As your online gluten free store in Australia, baking with gluten free ingredients simply takes time to get use to.

We have some tips for you to use when making a gluten free pie crust using our gluten free products:

  • Make sure you don’t convert your gluten based recipe into a gluten free based recipe as it won’t work and there will be mishaps
  • Make sure you do it all by hand – avoid using the mixer as it has the ability to break the dough
  • Never give up if you struggle
  • Your best binding agent will be cold butter to help with keeping the mixture together
  • Be sure to chill your dough prior to rolling it out – you don’t want the cold butter to melt or else your dough will crack
  • Make sure to try your best and if some of the pastry doesn’t work out – bake it, put it in the food processor and then you have some sweet tasting gluten free breadcrumbs for the future

When baking in a gluten free environment, no mistake ever goes to waste! So be sure to try out our range of the best gluten free flour and make some tasty kids gluten free snacks.

If you have any questions regarding products or gluten, be sure to get in contact with your online gluten free store in Australia.