Gluten Free Winter Breakfast Ideas

Winter breakfasts can be amazing!  Cosy bowls of steaming hot foods, hands cupped around a warm inviting drink, or freshly squeezed orange juice to boost the immune system!  These sound both comforting and delicious.  GF Pantry’s online breakfast foods tab has plenty to offer this winter.  Mix and match with local fresh produce and juicy citrus fruits in season.  We are very lucky in Australia and New Zealand; we have so many options to choose from.

Our favourite winter breakfast ideas are listed, but don’t forget you can also get heaps more options from our summer breakfast blog.  Your stomach won’t recognise the seasons!

Healthy breakfasts

  • Porridge is a winter favourite in many households. You can now buy lots of fabulous off the shelf gluten free porridge.  Add a little fruit, seeds or nuts on top, to add variety, flavour and texture. 
  • When cooking a roast, double up on the vegies and use the leftovers for bubble and squeak or a vegetable hash in the morning. Try potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato with corn and peas. Simply pan fry them together until crispy.
  • Standard corn or zucchini fritters made with gluten free flours can be dressed with capsicum relish and sour cream, or sweet chilli sauce, avocado and seed mix.
  • Hot pancakes, crepes or waffles with stewed fruit or maple syrup on top are delicious. Make your own batter or use a readymade mix. Have you tried banana pancakes?  Simply combine a mashed banana, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of gluten free self-raising flour and a splash of vanilla extract, then pan fry on low.  
  • Eggs can be eaten in so many ways and as an accompaniment to many other foods. If you travel or eat out regularly with kids, it’s a great idea to get the kids used to boiled eggs.  Order these anywhere there may be cross contamination fears.  An egg’s gooey goodness comes within its own little shell of protective packaging.  
  • Breakfast jaffles. Break an egg with a little chopped capsicum and herbs directly into the jaffle maker, with or without bread.
  • Toasted cheese sandwiches, with tomato or salsa or herbs of choice are easy.
  • Try breakfast bruschetta with a simple combination of tomatoes, basil, feta and a balsamic vinegar, on gluten free sourdough toast
  • Omelettes with vegetable fillings of your choice. If you don’t eat eggs, try using egg alternatives.  Vegan egg alternatives make great plant based quiche, frittatas and omelettes.
  • Baked capsicum rings with eggs and chives.
  • Baked hollowed out tomatoes with baked beans.
  • There are plenty of bread choices available, from focaccia rolls to multigrain slices. If you wish to make your own try a bread mix in a pretimed bread maker, otherwise try different bread styles for variety. 
  • Cooked breakfasts can keep you going throughout the day. By eating different vegetables with your bacon, you significantly increase the health factor.  Try combinations of wilted spinach, pan fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, smashed avocado and gluten free deli meats.  Why not a savoury muffin with a side of bacon or avocado? Just try to make sure you get some fibre and protein every day.

Quick school morning breakfasts

  • Instant porridge in 1 minute sachets are now available for quick breakfasts. Healthy, warm, nutritious and quick!
  • What about cereals? Often when children are first diagnosed they don’t like gluten free cereals.  Over time, taste buds change as we get used to new tastes and textures.  If your newly diagnosed child doesn’t like something at first, wait 6 months and try again.  Packet cereals can be eaten all year through, but why not try it hot in winter. Hot muesli is a great winter choice.  Simply heat your milk before adding to your muesli bowl.
  • Standard breakfast biscuits can be so much more delicious if you warm them up slightly and serve with a hot chocolate to dunk them in.
  • Baked beans on toast are full of goodness. Just pop the beans in the microwave whilst your favourite gluten free toast is cooking.
  • Cheesy mite scrolls using the crusty bread mix, cheese and a yeast spread are great for younger kids. Best straight from the oven but you can premake, freeze and reheat as required.
  • Whole grain toast with nut butters or chocolate spreads is a quick filling breakfast, or why not try apricot jam with slithered almonds on toast for a change? The almonds make it filling and a little more special.
  • Savoury gluten free muffins with your choice of fillings can also be premade, frozen and pulled out as required. Try different flavour combinations such as zucchini, sundried tomatoes, pumpkin, feta and a host of herbs and spices.
  • Add savoury zucchini slice, mini quiches, sweet muffins or banana bread to the freezer stash.  A minute or so in the microwave and breakfast is ready!
  • And last but not least, a steaming hot cored apple, fresh from the microwave with a dollop of yoghurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nuts is delicious and quick.

Don’t forget to have a glass of water or juice, or some other type of drink with your breakfast.  During winter we tend not to drink as much, but when we are sitting inside in front of the heater, we still need to remember to hydrate. 

That’s plenty of ideas, but if you need more, remember to check out our summer breakfast blog or have a look through the breakfast tab in our main product area.  All our products and suggestions adhere to local gluten free standards and recommendations.  Be mindful when using overseas websites or recipe books.  Many breakfast ideas contain oats which are not considered gluten free in Australia or New Zealand.

Enjoy and have a good day!