Gluten Free Christmas Desserts

Where should we start?  There are so many traditional Christmas desserts that can very easily be adapted to be gluten free, plus many that are actually just gluten free by nature.  All ideas are below are relatively easy to make and with very easy gluten free swaps where required.

For the best Christmas dessert tables always ensure there are chocolate, cream and fruit options, with a little bit of plum pudding for those who need their fix of tradition.  For a smaller adult group you could serve tiramisu, fruit mince tarts, a few chocolates and a fresh fruit plate.  For a large group with children, add in a fun trifle or pavlova, Christmas peppermint bark, white Christmas slice and some chocolate wafer rolls.  Kids always love the chocolate wafer rolls.

Here’s a whole bunch of sweet treats and Christmas dessert ideas.  For full recipes, just search online and replace ingredients with our gluten free suggestions. Mix and match, go crazy or be traditional with plum pudding and Christmas cake.  Whatever you decide, plan in advance, make things early where possible and ensure there’s some festive fruits for a little balance.  Cherries will always be the Christmas fruit favourite!

Gluten Free Christmas party nibbles for platters and gifts

Gluten Free Traditional Christmas Fare 

All of these can be bought premade and ready to go from GF Pantry for no fuss tradition.  Make your own custard or purchase it ready to go from the supermarket.

Aussie Family Favourites

  • Summer Pudding; using berries and white bread or try it with a gluten free vanilla cake.
  • Tiramisu; using the Schar sponge fingers is always a hit.
  • Trifle can be done in so many ways. Adapt your favourite recipe with the Schar sponge finger biscuits or a vanilla cake, Simply delish jelly, custard and your preferred fruit.
  • Pavlova is perfect with almost anything sweet on top. Cherries and shaved chocolate make for a very festive combination.
  • Chocolate Cheesecake with crushed arrowroot biscuits for the base, and shattered Menz honey comb for the topping; another amazing winner.

Vegan alternatives

And for something more adult with a glass of port.

Whatever you serve, enjoy!

And GF Pantry wishes you love, happiness and a safe celebratory meal this Christmas season.