Foods to avoid when gluten free

If you’ve been feeling uneasy recently after each time that you have consumed gluten, then you may have a slight gluten intolerance or even be affected by the Coeliac Disease and it is critical for you to get this checked as soon as possible. Once this change comes about in someone’s life, there needs to a modification in the foods you purchase, eat and your general lifestyle will need to adapt around this; don’t worry because you can find everything need at your online gluten free shop in Australia.

Generally the foods that you will need to avoid become the foods most easily accessible to you, here is what you should be avoiding when affected by Coeliac Disease foods in Australia:

  • Bread – wheat based bread
  • Pasta – wheat based pasta
  • Cereals – those that are not labelled gluten free
  • Baked Goods – unless specified to be gluten free
  • Snack Foods – candy, muesli, crackers, roasted nuts, various flavoured chips (unless specified to be gluten free)
  • Sauces – unless labelled as gluten free
  • Beverages – beer
  • Broths – that are not labelled gluten free

While this may seem like a lot of foods have become obsolete to you, did you know that there is a large variety of gluten free foods produced in Australia for your benefit and ease. A lot of these foods are especially tasty and can be found right here at our online gluten free store in Australia.

If you’re looking for something to try we recommend going straight to our snack section, you can never go wrong with a snack! Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous then be sure to check out our full range at our online gluten free shop in Australia here