Easy Gluten Free Work Day Lunches

There are heaps of exciting children’s lunchbox ideas on the internet, but what about the adults? What is good for gluten free work lunches?

Firstly anything in our exciting lunchboxes for everyone blog can be taken to work; it’s not just for school kids.  There are plenty of ideas from rice paper rolls and dolmades, through to lentil patties and corn fritters.   For other adult options, the possibilities depend on how well kitted out your work lunch area is.

Most workplaces have kettles.  The Dr Mcdougall’s noodle cups and Just Whole foods cup of soups are perfect to keep in your desk drawer.  Just add boiling water! 

If your kitchen has a microwave, the best lunch may simply be dinner leftovers.  Lots of pasta, curry, soup and noodle dishes actually taste better the next day, and lots can be made in bulk and frozen. The variety is endless and it’s easy to make a little extra the night before.  Individual gluten free quiches, frittatas and savoury muffins can also be pulled from the freezer in the morning and zapped with a little heat for lunch.

For those days when you forget to grab something in the morning, Plantasy Mac n Cheez Grab N Go is a perfect office drawer staple to keep handy. Stock up a few, add water and pop in the microwave when you need them.  

If your kitchen has a fridge or somewhere safe you can store food, then the sky’s the limit.  Options are endless!   Quick and easy crispbreads can be assembled with many fabulous toppings.  Plain tomato and cheese is good, but what about extra ham, salami, tuna, egg or avocado.  Try a little feta on your tomato, or brie with cranberry sauce and rocket for something different. Make a bruschetta mix to spoon on top or use dips, chopped onion, sprouts and spinach leaves for variety.  Try the Nogo eggplant pickle with tasty cheese and cucumber.  Basically anything you would put in a sandwich can be popped on top of a crispbread, on an Eskal deli cracker or perhaps even served on top of an open avocado.

Make yourself a bento box or antipasto platter with falafels, olives, dips, vegies and crackers. Green salads are easily prepared at home and kept fresh in the fridge; just add dressings at work, and perhaps nuts and seeds for extra flavour. Chicken, bean, quinoa, potato, pasta and egg salads are also good for variety – after all we do spend a lot of days at work so variety is important. 

If you take in your own toaster or sandwich press, make sure it is very clearly labelled (and maybe even hidden) and then toasted sandwiches are easy.  Gluten free breads can be filled with your standard sandwich maker fillings such as cheese and tomato, or how about a little Mexican salsa with meatballs, spring onions, cheese and red peppers in a toasted wrap.  Plain old toast with a delicious spread can also be great if you are after simple comfort food or having a cup of soup.

If your work place has no kitchen facilities, then you’ll need to head back to our exciting lunchboxes for everyone blog.  All food recommended is designed to last until lunch but you may need a thermos or insulated bag if temperature control is required.

Fruit.  A piece of fresh fruit is easy to carry to work every day, or for those days when the fruit bowl is bare (or memory not working) Crispy fruits can be left in your drawer.  Small packs of nuts are also a great healthy alternative for the drawer.

Treats.  Most of us like a treat at some point in the day and GF Pantry has plenty of gluten free office snacks. Have you tried the Schar twin bars (also referred to as the gluten free Kit Kat alternative), Delishios or ChocolixByron Bay Cookies and Silly Yaks make great office cookies, and we have plenty of other portion control gluten free snacks such as Eskal Grab n Go wafers, Leda bars, and the Human Bean Co.  Check them out under our snacks tab.

There are endless choices for gluten free lunches; just ensure your preparation area and equipment are free of contamination, and perishable items are kept cool during the morning. Gluten free specific equipment may need to be clearly labelled and stored separately depending on your work place. 

With all these great options, make sure you also add in a glass or two of water to stay hydrated and don’t forget to enjoy your day!